Optimizing your Business Performance through Monitoring and Reporting System.
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From Unsystematic, to Excellent Process.

Standardized data flow using web-based interface
Centralized data in a database system
Performance reports should be generated automatically by system
Formulas should be built within system that common users may not change
Access privilege should be defined within system
It is possible to integrate with existing system
Real Time Monitoring.

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Every business leader needs to know real time progress for every single process, from everywhere and every time.

Wherever you connected with the network, you can access the system
Data and reports are available for all parties at any time
More Efficient, More Profit.

Get more profit by reducing redundant process

You will save time by not having someone on your team creating reports in various formats and aggregating data by hand.
Reduce paper distribut
Reports can be customized e.g. monthly, daily, weekly, etc
Intensive Collaboration.

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Work with team member, and achieve better performance.

You can easily interact and communicate with others by chat or message.
You can easily manage your files.

Project Phase
PHASE I : Information, Requirement, and Material Gathering.
PHASE II : Analyzing and Design.
PHASE III : Programming, Integration.
PHASE IV : Revising and Finishing.

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