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Trans Project will help you to manage the projects and activities easily and systematic in 24 hours. Trans project also complemented with collaboration features, management tasks, time scheduler, and progress report with access level. Trans Project include :

  • Project Initiation
  • Project Management
  • Project Monitoring
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Trans map is an application that will help you to recognize your customers, product distribution, and other business component geographically. This application complemented with executive summary that ease the management team in strategy and decision making.

  • Customer Data
  • Product Distribution
  • Marketing Management
  • Population Data
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Trans report is a solution to unify all business components in one management vision. Dashboard management facilities use graph and chart that will ease to control, evaluate, and report business performance rapidly and accurately. Some things that trans map can do are:

  • Plant Performance Report
  • Corporate Performance Report
  • Resume for Marketing, HRD & Finance that connect to the existing system
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Trans website is a total website solution for you who need website with capability that suit all you need and special design that define your business characteristics.

  • Website Maintenance & Updating
  • Website Publishing Solution
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